Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell

Creativity account balance

My apologies. I haven’t posted a blog entry since January. My excuse is that I didn’t want to bury the headline of Tiger in the Dark’s release. But the truth is, to me, writing a blog post requires creativity that is just out of reach.

I have a lot of creative endeavors going on.

Since December, I’ve been fulfilling a life’s dream of designing a house. And I’ve been supporting the release of my book, Tiger in the Dark. And I’ve been creative at work, designing or debugging medical devices that help people breathe.

In all honesty, the marketing effort needed to publicize my book drains my “creative account” balance faster than anything else. At present, I see blogging as one of those drains.

After struggling with this dilemma for a while, I decided to face reality. I would rather keep my creativity account balance as high as possible by focusing on endeavors that energize me. So I’m going to focus on the things that I find extremely engaging, like house design, work, and my next book project. The blog will be updated only when it fits between the other endeavors. When I set up events, they will also appear here. And of course, you can still order a signed copy while supplies last.

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