Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell

The votes are in!

Winners of the blurb votes

Winners of the blurb votes

The results of the blurb votes (see April 24th’s Vote for the blurb) have been entered into a spreadsheet and the results are clear: the majority prefers someone else’s writing!

My friend NiNi did me the favor of providing her version of About the Author and the book blurb. As I told NiNi, “Marisette is not comfortable writing about herself in the third person!” So I was very happy to receive such nicely written suggestions. Then I gave blog readers the choice between what I had already sent to the publisher and NiNi’s version (she had not seen mine). NiNi’s version won by a landslide (hers were Author A and Blurb B). Thank you all for your input; it was really fun to have people chiming in!

I’ll be sending my updated blurbs to the publisher shortly.

If you’ve gotten used to seeing a weekly post, I apologize for missing last week. Anyone who has been following from the start can understand that I hit a wall on Mother’s Day. Following on the heels of Mother’s Day (exactly a week later, as it happens) is that dreaded birthday – the one that makes me the same age that my mother was when she died. There is a lot of baggage I am constantly sorting through related to that. That won’t end just because the birthday has come and gone.

But for this weekend, I will celebrate with my family, toast my parents, and know that this is exactly what Mom would want to be doing if she were still with us.

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