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imageI had to write a couple of things about myself in the third person for use on the book cover. I’m not entirely comfortable with that so I solicited suggestions from my subscribed mailing list (see what you’re missing by not subscribing?).

Leave a comment to let me know which choices you like best! (I was going to set up a survey but that got complicated fast… Also, if you recognize your own input, don’t let on!)

About the Author

About the author A:

Marisette Edwards van-linden van den Heuvell was born in the Netherlands and is currently a Pittsburgh-based software engineer who has managed to survive 30 years longer than nature apparently intended. Today, Marisette is an avid rower, competing nationally. She is the mother of 2 sons, her pride and joy. Marisette’s love of writing is inspired by her vivid memories and in-depth research of life and family. In her own words, “Such information seems too interesting to keep to myself.”

About the author B:

Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell was born in the Netherlands in 1960 and accidentally emigrated to the United States via Mexico with her expatriate family in the late 60’s. She completed her education in Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh. At the age of 25 she was a happily married mother-to-be when she discovered a rare form of cancer in her arm. Always an avid reader, poet, and journal writer, she responded by writing about the experience.


Blurb A:

Marisette is 25 and in the midst her first pregnancy when she discovers a lump in her right arm. She has always had an odd belief that she won’t reach the age of 30, but this does nothing to prepare her for what is coming. Statistically, there’s a 99.9% chance that the lump is nothing but a cyst, so the surgery to remove it is more an attempt to relieve the pain it is causing than a confirmation of her premonition. Then the diagnosis of a rare and deadly sarcoma comes, and everything changes. What follows is a life and death struggle for not only Marisette’s life, but that of her unborn baby. Supported by a loving family and friends, and finding within herself a tenacity that she didn’t know she possessed, she negotiates her new reality with grace and strength, poise and humor, and just a touch of anger.

Blurb B:

An honest memoir of facing down the dark and terrifying unknown of a dual diagnosis of pregnancy and cancer. Marisette leads us on her very personal journey – sometimes sad and sometimes surprisingly funny – of the days and nights of cancer and pregnancy. Are determination and hope enough when making life and death decisions? And how do we live with the results?

25 thoughts on “Vote for the blurb

  1. Marzena Zielinski

    Hi there, Im new to the group, i defly like author 1 and blurb 1 on both counts.
    Sounds like an amazing book and a fantastic read.

  2. Joanne van Linden

    I like A for the author and B for the Blurb. Capitalize Linden in A. I think Blurb B tells enough without giving too much away. I agree with Vera.

    1. Marisette Post author

      Kylie, another one going a bit against the crowd. I’m finding this very interesting. Thanks for the input!

  3. Nancy Roseberry

    I like “About the Author B” because it beckons to the reader to read more as well as telling why the book happened. I prefer “Blurb A” for similar reasons … It makes me want to read the book.

  4. Andrew

    They all look great Marisette.

    ATA – I vote for B, but I think the sentence “At the age of 25 she was a happily married mother-to-be when she discovered a rare form of cancer in her arm.’ needs a bit more, such as … ‘which set her off on a journey of self-discovery’ … or something like that.

    Blurb – I vote for A

    Well done!

    1. Marisette Post author

      Hm, wonder why your comment got sent to spam. Anyway, I retrieved it successfully and appreciate your input. The great reveal will be this weekend!

  5. Kathy Raymond

    I like author A and blurb B. Author A tells more about who you are now and blurb B is intriguing with out being too flowery or sounding over the top dramatic even if the actual events were dramatic.

  6. Nancy

    Hi Marisette,
    My vote goes to author A and blurb B … although i may be to late to vote. They are all good !

    1. Marisette Post author

      It’s not too late! Results will be shared with much fanfare by this coming Sunday. Keep voting, ya’ll!

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