Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell

About me

About Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell

Author of Tiger in the Dark.

rowing under the Rialto Bridge

I’m a Pittsburgh-based software engineer who has managed to survive 30 years longer than nature apparently intended. At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma during my first pregnancy. My book Tiger in the Dark recounts that experience, and addresses my unexpected long-term survival against all odds.

I’m also planning more books. Stealing from Soldiers is about my father as a little boy named Jantje (the Dutch version of “Johnny”) living under Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. Accidental Emigrant recounts my experience of emigrating from the Netherlands to Mexico and then to the United States. The reason I was an accidental emigrant was that my family never intended to stay anywhere for all that long; we were always planning to go back some day. This is an unexpected attitude in the USA, where the prevailing assumption is that any immigrant has intentions to become a citizen and live a better life than could be had in the country of origin. I’ll be blogging about the research for the former and anecdotes from the latter, as well as tidbits I discover about history or my family as I do research. Little things, like how my great-grandfather was renamed at the age of six months to keep the family name going after his 17-year-old brother fell off a ship in Jakarta and was devoured by sharks. Such information seems too interesting to keep to myself.

Oh, yes, I’m also an avid rower, having discovered the sport at the age of 40 and gradually gotten to the point of competing nationally. That’s me rowing under the Rialto Bridge in Venice at the 39th annual Vogalonga.