Marisette Edwards-van Linden van den Heuvell

In the Media

My short story of my experience with cancer was published in Ladies’ Home Journal in September of 1989, in the “A Woman Today” column. I am in the process of getting permission of Meredith Corporation to reprint it here soon.

As a result, we were invited to appear on ‘The Joan Rivers Show‘ that same month. That was an interesting story that I’ll share here soon (we were in the Outer Banks on a beach vacation, and there was a hurricane coming, and we were flown to New York…) Since Joan Rivers’ new show was featured in the same issue of Ladies’ Home Journal as my article, I assume that is how they became aware of my story.

A few years later we were asked to appear in the show ‘Cover to Cover’ on NBC. This was hosted by Gayle King. This happens to be the best friend of the world’s biggest female media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. We never met Gayle King; her producer brought a videographer to our house and interviewed us from off-camera. Then they took the footage and put it together with some stock surgery footage and had Gayle King narrate the story. So I guess this means I have only two degrees of separation from Oprah Winfrey, and thereby only three to just about any other celebrity in existence!

I have a grainy old recording of these shows that I’ll be happy to share with anyone who is interested.

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